The true spirit of Halloween


We often get asked why we put on such an elaborate Halloween set up. Well, I’ve always really enjoyed Halloween, what’s not to love? Candy and dressing up all together! But over the years it has saddened me to see what Halloween sometimes becomes. People use it as an excuse to cause havoc and misbehave. When really, I see Halloween as a community holiday; most holidays you get together with your friends and family. Halloween is a chance to get together with your community and neighbors. It’s a chance to meet and have fun together. It’s a chance to play. Young or old, I believe it’s very important to be able to play. What better day then Halloween? You can dress up and be anyone you want, you don’t have to be self-conscious because it’s not you, just a part you are playing.

Halloween to me is not about bad behaviors, pumpkin smashing, and “evil spirits”. It’s about good-natured fun and the thrill of the scare if you so desire.

I’m not really sure how we got started with our little haunted house, but I do know every year myself and my minions look forward to it. We want to be “the house” the one that as kids we always remembered year after year, the one that goes overboard at Halloween and all the kids love it. We started with just a few decorations and handfuls of candy. Over the years the decor has become more advanced and more minions have joined the ranks. But one thing has stayed the same and I hope it does for many years to come… We always have fun 🙂

There are a couple of questions we get asked all the time, so I will try to answer them.

How much money/time went into the haunt?

Well, in a way I think of our haunted house as a gift to the community, it is something I wish I had when I was a kid and hope you all enjoy it. So like any good gift you don’t need to know how much it costs. However, I will say that it is all paid for out of pocket and with a lot of hard work. As for how much time? A LOT! He he, the minions and I start planning/brain storming for the next Halloween as soon as we complete this one. We usually start meeting together Aug/Sept, thou this year because of personal obligations we didn’t have our first meeting until Oct 3rd. Since then, we have been doing prep work at least twice a week. We call it “playing Halloween”, but it is more like putting on a play. It’s a lot of work, that requires many different people with many different skills to pull off, but we all do it for fun.

Why don’t you charge?

Thanks for appreciating our effects, and thinking what we do is worth your hard earned money. However, we do it for fun, not profit. We have considered taking donations for supplies or a favorite charity but at present, we prefer to keep money out of the mix. This is something we do for free for fun. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do (if not, at least it’s free 🙂

How can I become involved? Or how do I have fun on Halloween like you do?

In general all the players (the Minions) of our haunted house are family and friends we’ve suckered into helping over the years. However, if you are interested in making a commitment and volunteering your time/skills, contact us and we can see if you’ll fit with the group. As you can see, the haunt requires a big commitment of time and energy and at times money as most of the players supply their own costumes. Even if you don’t want to join us but are inspired to have your own Halloween fun. Just remember to be safe and respectful, have a party, dress up for the Trick-or-Treaters, volunteer at a Halloween/Harvest party in your community.

If I had one Halloween wish, it would be that we inspire people of all ages to do something fun for this holiday and hopefully we are an example of how you can have a great deal of fun on Halloween without causing mischief, no pumpkin smashing, egging, vandalism, or drinking and driving needed to have a good time as these are all hurtful and cruel acts and have perpetuated the bad name Halloween has today.